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Promoting Your Small Business Through Digital Marketing

smiling small business ownerDigital marketing can be a daunting subject for small business owners in Australia, trying to get noticed. Most entrepreneurs do not have the time or the knowledge to market their business effectively. This can be a large problem if your competitors are utilising a strong digital marketing presence.

Digital marketing for most small businesses is a must. You will be able to get noticed more and clients are more likely to buy from you as they can build – the know, like and trust factor.

Here are some tips to get you started on your digital marketing journey:

  • Do I Really Need Digital Marketing?
  • Does A Website Promote My Small Business?
  • Can I Market My Business on Social Media?
  • What Content Should I Post When Digital Marketing My Small Business?

Digital marketing is marketing that is done online. All your marketing efforts using the internet, your website, social media channels, directory listings and email marketing is often included into the digital marketing category.

Do I Really Need Digital Marketing?

A lot of business owners wanting to promote their small business see digital marketing as a waste and spend only the smallest amount of money getting a very poor digital presence.

In most cases this is false economy and will often lose them money in sales and credibility.

Digital marketing when done badly can be both a waste of money and time.

Some Australian small businesses will waste huge amounts of cash per day on marketing that doesn’t work for them. Others will spend only a tiny amount of money on their small business promotion and turn it into a massive success.

You always want the best bang for your buck, but to do that, you must have a strategy and know how to apply it.

Marketing should return you a profit of around 300% to your business. For every dollar you spend, you should get at least 3 dollars back in sales from your marketing effort.

An easy way to ensure that you are getting that much, is to make sure you know who you are marketing to. Once you know your target market, you can focus your small business promotion on advertising to them in a way that works.

If you attract the wrong people, you won’t make any sales at all.

Does A Website Promote My Small Business?

preview of how a website looks likeHaving only social media isn’t going to work if you want to effectively market your small business. Your business promotion strategy for digital marketing should include a professional, easily accessible website.

You do not own the social media platforms. This means that you have no control over their rules or practices.

You would never renovate a house that you only rented. Spending thousands of dollars to make it just perfect for all your needs. You know that you don’t own it and could have your lease terminated or not renewed. That is exactly what are lot of businesses are doing when they are building their business solely on one social media platform.

Using only social media to promote your small business is very risky. You can lose your entire audience if something goes wrong and many businesses have. Even worse, the social media platform you have dedicated all that time to may be no longer popular and you are left talking to no one at all.

Customers expect your business to have a website.

Like it or not, you will not be seen as a ‘real’ business if you only have social media. Look at some of the bigger, successful businesses in your field. The professional-looking ones will have social media, but they will also have a website. Another good reason to have a website for your small business is that you can keep all your content on it for your potential clients.

When done right, a website is an excellent resource for your current clients too. You can put in FAQ and the answers, product information, tips and tricks and even downloadable content.

Can I Market My Business on Social Media?


Digital marketing is strongest when you use a combination of different methods to attract your ideal audience. This means using social media and sending your potential customers and current clients back to your website for additional information is a great idea.

How often you need to post and what platform you will be using depends on your audience. Does your ideal client use Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn, or something else entirely?

Have you looked at your insights and analytics on your social media accounts recently? Take note of when you get the most activity, and then post during those times regularly.

For social media, often it is a matter of testing to see what works for you. Every business is different, and your digital marketing will be different too.

What Content Should I Post When Digital Marketing My Small Business?

hands typing on a laptopBusiness owners sometimes focus too much on what will get them ‘trending,’ rather than what is relevant to their business.

Everyone likes a cute cat video, but your audience will grow as people who want cute cat videos rather than to buy your product or service, and you will not make any sales from your digital marketing. (This does not count if your business is related to cats, such as a vet or pet groomer).

Think about what content will catch a potential client’s eye.

What is relevant for your business?

Achieve Your Small Business Digital Marketing Goals with Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises

Cathy Smith has run the same Marketing Agency for more than 21+ years and has helped hundreds of business owners achieve their marketing goals. Cathy’s passion and knowledge for digital marketing has helped thousands of businesses reach their dream customers easily online.

To build a new website, increase traffic to your existing website or develop a digital marketing strategy for your business contact Cathy today.