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Why Your Domain Name is One of Your Most Valuable Business Assets

Domain nameIf you want your business accessible and professional, a domain name is a must. Did you know? Your domain name is how Google and search engines find your website. It is one of your most valuable business assets, yet many business owners treat it with disrespect. Your domain name is where your website lives and your emails should live. You can change your digital providers for both your website and emails but your domain name to the outside world should never change.

Read below to learn more about the importance of your business domain name and why it is a valuable asset to your business including:

  • Your Domain Name and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Choosing Your Business Domain Name
  • Registering a Business Domain Name
  • Can I Change My Business Domain Name?
  • Be Aware of Domain Name Scams

Your Domain Name and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With search engine optimisation (SEO), the main factor for search results is the trust or perceived trust. The displayed results are based on the trust of the website and the information the website has on it. Old or existing domain names often carries a high level of trust. That is why, sometimes, you see old and badly formatted websites doing well on a search because they have an old domain and traffic. People tend to stay a while on these websites because they can’t find what they are looking for. They end up leaving frustrated and doing another search. However, Google doesn’t see the frustration, just the time spent on the page.

Choosing Your Domain Name

URL - The Importance of Your Business Domain NameWhen choosing your domain name, you should carefully consider your options.

  • Your Business Name
  • A Shortened Version of Your Business Name
  • Your Product/Service
  • Your Name

Over the years there has been great debate over domain names and what they should be. These days, it is more important to have your branding correct so your domain name should generally be your business name. If your business name is long or hard to spell then look for a shorter version but ensure it makes sense.

Make sure you renew your business domain name early to keep it active. Look after your domain name because it can be an expensive exercise to get back or if someone else registers it, you may never get it back.

Registering a Domain Name

It is not only a domain name that is important, but where you register it too. Make sure you use a good quality, reputable, domain hosting company that a good sense of security and that you always have control of your own domain name.

There are a lot of domain names that are registered and not used. Also, a lot of websites have more than one domain name pointing to it. Another situation is when you register your domain inside of a platform for example Wix, Square spice, Shopify. You may not be able to transfer the domain name out if you ever decide not to continue using their platform.

Can I Change My Business Domain Name?

woman working from homeShould you change your domain name? Preferably no, unless you have an exceptionally good reason to do so and then, if possible, keep the old domain pointing to your website.

One of Google main ranking metrics is the age of your domain name. All things equal and often not equal an old domain name will always trump a well build site on a brand-new domain name.

Be Aware of Domain Name Scams

It is important to be alert and aware of domain name scams. These can include getting a letter in the post, email or even an SMS saying that your business domain is about to run out and you must renew it now. These scams often have inflated prices much more than you would normally pay. Read the email or letter carefully. Most often, the domain they are asking you to register is not yours at all. It is in fact, a new domain name that is close to, but not actually yours.

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