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Search Engine Optimisation – Getting Found on Google

Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now an $80 billion industry. Why? Beause your business must be visible on Google. If potential customers can’t find you, but can find your competitors, they will give their business and money to them instead.

When it comes to search engines, Google is the largest with approximately 75% of the search engine market. YouTube (which is owned by Google) is second. This is the reason we receive email advertising daily offering to; quickly get your website on page 1, turn your website into a High-Performance website within minutes and the list goes on and on. One to particularly look out for is companies promoting you don’t pay unless we get results. Sounds reasonable? Unfortunately, NO!

One tactic used to lure you in, so to speak, is emails strategically worded like “I have been on your website and found these critical flaws (listed below).” These types of emails can sound convincing as you assume your website has been researched and these flaws are true. It can even cause distress to business owners as they assume their website has faults and can often leave them wondering how this can occur, especially if they are paying a business to maintain it.

Be rest assured though, these emails are usually generic and simply cut and pasted and the fact is, they haven’t visited your website at all. The flaws they are referring to are simply a list of common errors found on websites. These types of emails rapidly lose credibility when you are receiving the same email address to multiple different email addresses.

Did you achieve your business goalsGenerally, these types of companies are in it just to take your money. Yes, they may get you fast results, but at what cost. They use unauthentic high traffic sites to link back to your site, giving you their bad reputation at the same time. Fortunately, Google is trying to fix this issue by being more vigilant with penalties that can take several months, or even years, to be removed. The result, your website is effectively null and void.  

Another tactic google are attempting to stop is keyword stuffing. What is this? Its where numerous keywords are included everywhere. The result is a bad user experience. Your audience won’t stay on your website for long and will leave in search of a website more informative to answer their questions.

What Should You Do to Get Found on Google? Read on to learn some insightful tips including:

  • Make your audience the top priority
  • Have a mobile friendly website
  • Drive traffic to your website

Make Your Audience The Top Priority

Be found on Google SearchTo be found on google, you must ensure you are giving your audience what they need. This includes giving solutions to their problems as sometimes they are unsure what the problem is until you have solved it.

The first question you should ask according to Bob Burg, the author of the Go Giver Book Series is
“Does it serve?”
“Does it add value to others?”

Three simple content ideas to ensure your website audience remains engaged is to ask them questions, provide how to’s and have an option for them to choose.

Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Did you know? Over half of all websites are viewed on smart phones and depending on your industry, this number may be even higher. In today’s world, a website that is not mobile friendly is detrimental as you are alienating your business to a large percentage of your potential audience.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Google loves traffic. The more traffic you have spending time on your website, the more traffic Google will send. A few ways to drive traffic, gain an audience and keep them engaged on your website it to do videos (yes, they can be scary but they are necessary), encourage engagement by directing traffic from your social media channels and leveraging your existing networks to form partnerships.

Prefer to Listen?

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