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Speakers Page About Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith is the granddaughter of an artist; design has been her whole life. Creating marketing that puts her clients in front of their ideal customers; allows their business to be seen and grow is why she is still in the same business 20 years on. She is sick and tired of seeing small business owners waste money on marketing that doesn’t work, chasing shiny objects and not being able to get ahead. It’s got to STOP! Cathy is on a mission to make sure that small businesses thrive and for their marketing to do what it is supposed to do – make them money.

Marketing doesn't have to be hard

With over 35 years industry experience in marketing, 20+ years of this time focused on digital marketing. Cathy understands that for many businesses, their owners are comfortable meeting clients face to face however, when it comes to online presence, it takes a whole lot more courage to step up, stand out and be seen.

It took many years of personal development before Cathy decided to showcase her expertise of 20+ years by becoming increasingly visible online and owning the title of The Attraction Maven. Plus, she has her own podcast titled Small Business Talk; a podcast for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to find a better way to run their business.

Running a business for 2 decades takes a special kind of person, someone who can delegate, manage, be inclusive and give back. CATCO Enterprises is more than a business, its a team and a family which extends to our clients too.

As part of the CATCO family, in August 2020 we joined B1G1 – Business for Good; to help make a difference while doing what we normally do.

Cathy Smith is board member of Parkfield Primary School, a business mentor and a regular volunteer on projects dear to her heart.

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