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Tell Your Marketing Story

Business executives interacting with each other while having coffeeYou are at a networking event, everyone is mingling. There are multiple people in the same category and now it is time to do the elevator pitch.

A hairdresser stands up and does theirs. They talk about all the services they offer, colours, perms, organics, non-organics, updos, down dos, side dos. Around dos and they drone on.

Other people have their turn and you hear a range of businesses in many different sectors. Towards the end, another hairdresser gets up.

Tell The Story Behind Your Brand

This person talks about a case study, a lady that had recently been promoted to a corporate position that involved a lot of travel. She was looking for a stylish easy care hairdo, that she could do herself quickly and on the run. The hairdresser had suggested a couple of different ideas. They talked through the pros and cons then decided which way to go.

That was 6 weeks ago. The hairdresser went on excited to say the client had come back in yesterday while on a short visit home, to have a trim. She talked about how easy her hair was to upkeep. She said she was getting so many positive comments about her new hairstyle and how much she loves it.

woman speaking in front of a crowdThe event come to a close and you notice a few people go over to the hairdresser with a story and have a chat.

Stand Out From The Crown By Telling Your Story

Which style of elevator pitch do you think is more memorable?

Are you trying to stand out from your crowd by droning on about all your features, maybe adding in a few benefits?

Stories are how information has been remembered for thousands of years. Stories are how we remember; emotion is why we buy.

What is your brand story and how are you telling it in your marketing?

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