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Talking to everyone is talking to no one

MoneyA very popular business coach was holding a large seminar, as he began to speak, he pulled out a $100 note from his pocket and held it up to the audience. He asked a woman from the front to confirm that it was indeed real money.

“Who wants this $100 note?” he asked
Everyone said yes.

He promised, that before the day way out he would give someone the money.
He closed his hand squashing and wrinkling the plastic of the note, leaving it looking worse for wear.

He then asked again,
“Who wants this $100 note?”

Again, the people said yes.

Next, the money was dropped into a small bucket of muddy water. It was now wet, dripping and dirty.

He asked do you still want this money
A few people looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Well, what about if I dry it?”, he asked.
And they all said yes.

The money is still valuable to the audience whether it is clean, dirty or a little worse for wear, the value does not change.
What about your business, do your customers know the value that you provide?

Is your offering so clouded that your customers are unsure what it is that you do or are trying to sell them?

The value of the money is the same, however, I am sure that you will agree you would prefer the clean crisp bill in your pocket that the dirty wet dripping one. Yes, they are both still worth the same amount, but it is the experience that is different.

Our customers buy for value not on price alone.

If price is your only value, then yes, they will buy on price and as you already know that is a race to the bottom.

We all want to feel valued and appreciated and the more specific problem that your solution solves the more likely we are to buy at a higher price.

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The more specific you are, the more niched your marketing is, the more likely you are to achieve the “Wow, that’s me.
This is exactly what I need and want.
Where can I buy”

Talking to everyone is talking to no one.

If you are spending too much time and money on your marketing
and it is not bringing you in quality leads that turn into sales, then we need to talk.