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Talking to Everyone 

wooden figure with chatting conceptI want to talk everyone.
Stop there.
Even the best of the bests aren’t for everyone. When you think about it why would you want to be?
Talking to a client last week, a coach “Yes I understand niching, I understand that tailoring my message to my target market helps my messaging connect with them; but what about the others that I can help but don’t resonate with my specific message?”.
Great question.
You are either be for the masses or for a specific person and you can’t be both. Masses is generic, low price, no loyalty,  high advertising costs, large volume or tailored, specific, customer focuses, higher price, greater value  proposition, loyalty and tribe building.
You choose. 
Are you a commodity or a valued sort after speciality?
Let me know your thoughts on this topic, contact me and let’s have a chat.