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The Best Marketing Plan For Your Business

pink balloonsAshley was a professor at a local university and noticed that her students were not working together as well as they should on team projects.

One day before class had started, she went to a party store and bought a bunch of helium balloons – one for each of her students, all in the same colour. She took them into class and gave them all one balloon each, instructing them to write their name on their own balloon with a black felt tip marker.

“Now give me the balloons back,” she said.

They all gave her the balloons and Ashley mixed them all around and threw them in the air!

“You have 5 minutes to find your balloon,” she told the class.
The students frantically searched through the balloons, throwing them around the room and discarding all the wrong balloons – but at the end of the 5 minutes, no one had found their balloon.

Ashley looked at their sad faces. “Let’s try again. This time,
Take the 1st balloon you touch and give it to the person it belongs to instead,” she said.

Ashley started the timer again, but even before the 5 minutes were up – everyone had already gotten their own balloon!

Are You Getting Quality Referrals in Your Business?

puzzle with the word referralWhat was the difference?

How often does this happen in business?

You might not have the ‘right’ balloon but someone else has your “balloon” and all they have to do is hand it over.

When you market yourself online there is a chance that the person that sees your content may not be the right person to buy from you – but they know someone who does, and then that person will buy from you instead. Referrals and word of mouth is gold. Social word of mouth is amplified and can reach even more people.

Need to get your balloons out there with a tailored marketing plan for your business?

Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises Helps Service-Based Businesses Make a Positive Impact in Their Community Through Marketing, Website Design and Social Media Management.

Cathy Smith works with business owners who want a positive return on their marketing investment, who understand that they need expert help and are committed to making an impact in their community. CATCO Enterprises specialises in tailored marketing plans for your business that gets you seen.

To build a new website, increase traffic to your existing website or develop a digital marketing strategy for your business contact Cathy today.