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The Importance of Having A Website

photo of a giftLiam was scrolling through Facebook at work when he saw a set of beautiful rings for sale on a group he’d joined.
Wow, he thought. Those are lovely!

But Liam had no reason to buy the rings.

He kept scrolling and quickly forgot about the beautiful rings.

A few days later, he saw the rings again – this time on YouTube, with a video by the same business showing how they were made.
Liam remembered the rings; the jeweller was very passionate and described in great detail his process and the inspiration for his designs. Liam was interested enough to watch the whole video.

But he still had no reason to buy the rings, so he turned off YouTube after watching and went back to work.
While walking home the following week, Liam saw his neighbour’s son Charles sitting on the park bench not far from his parent’s house. Charles was very deep in thought. Liam wondered if he should disturb Charles when he looked up and said “Hi”.

“Hi, Charles, you were so deep in thought I didn’t want to disturb you.”

‘It’s ok, I was just trying to sort out a dilemma,” Charles said.

They chatted for a while, and it turned out Charles wanted to propose to his girlfriend but didn’t know whether to buy the ring and surprise her or to let her choose her own. Liam mentioned the rings that he kept seeing. He could remember the beautiful branding and the jeweller’s passion for his designs, he could even describe one or 2 of the rings, but he couldn’t remember the name of the business.

As hard as Liam tried, he couldn’t remember the name.

website homepageHe tried Googling beautiful rings, local jewellers, ring making videos and a few other keywords. He tried looking back on YouTube but because he had been looking at work his history had been cleared. All he had to do was see it again and he would know instantly that was the one.

The jeweller didn’t have a website and relied solely on his social media presence and ads to spread his message.

Unfortunately, you can’t Google – “Beautiful rings I saw on Facebook last week.”

Are You Losing Opportunities Because Your Small Business Does Not Have a Website?

This opportunity was lost and how many other opportunities did the jeweller lose without even knowing, because he didn’t have a website.

Is your marketing making you money, costing you money or like the jeweller losing your chances you didn’t even know were there?

Need a website that will really work for your business? Contact Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises.

Making yourself available to your potential customers is vital.

A successful business website can be your 24/7 salesman that can help presale your customers before they even contact you. To build a new website, increase traffic to your existing website or develop a digital marketing strategy for your business contact Cathy today.