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The Importance of Having the Right Domain for Your Website

pencil with a sharpener besideWhat tasks are just ‘too hard’ for you?

Maeve was a mature-age student in a chemistry class.

One day the class had an important test that would affect their grade quite significantly. Maeve showed up early to class with her notes in hand, having studied all of the night before. She felt confident that she would have good results at the end.

Her teacher ushered them in and she sat down in her spot and soon after that, the test began. And then Maeve’s pencil broke!
It rattled her.

Unable to write, she stood and approached her teacher.
“Do you have a spare pencil?” she asked.
“No,” her teacher said.
“Can I go and get a pencil from one of the other classes?” Maeve asked.
“No, you can’t leave this class.”

“Maeve,” her teacher said patiently. “There’s a pencil sharpener right here.”
“That’s too hard. I just need a different pencil!” Maeve exclaimed, almost crying.

Is ‘Too Hard’ Making Your Small Business Suffer?

Woman thinking infront of the laptopWhat are your ‘pencils’ in your business? Things that could be fixed and solved easily but you take the route that makes it harder for you in the end?

Lots of businesses do it with their marketing – changing their domain name constantly instead of keeping the same one is a great example of this that I see a lot.

Did you know that you can change your website but keep your old domain name? Older domain names have more credibility with Google – this is a key factor in showing up in search.

Does your website feel like a broken pencil?

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