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The Importance of Understanding Digital Disconnect and Updating Your Website

Candles and skull in the halloween dark nightA high school history teacher wanted to give his students a powerful lesson while making his class fun too.

They were learning about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 which happened in Massachusetts.

“Today we are going to play a game” he told the class.

“Each of you will be assigned a role, a witch or a regular person. Your goal is to assemble the largest group or regular people that does NOT have a witch in it. At the end, any group found to include a witch will be “hanged”.

The students started grilling each other. Very quickly a large group formed. Then some smaller groups as well. Plus an exclusive group, turning away anyone they thought might have a even a hint of guilt.

The game ended with the teacher asking all witches to raise their hands, no one put their hand up.

The students were confused and told the teacher he’d messed up the game.

The teacher then explained that the game was not about finding witches but about showing how easy it is to divide a community through suspicion and fear. He explained that the Salem Witch Trials were not about witches but about how fear and mistrust can lead to the persecution of innocent people.

Digital Disconnect Can Hurt Your Business

Woman checking out free design resources at a websiteThe lesson is clear, scapegoating and dividing destroys far more than they protect. The Salem Witch Trials were a tragic event in American history, and it serves as a reminder of how dangerous it is to allow fear and mistrust to divide a community. This game helped the students understand how easily we can be divided and to stand united against those who try to divide us.

Digital disconnect is a common way that businesses are unknowingly creating fear within their prospects.

“This site is unsafe – go back”. Websites that are old, don’t work properly or aren’t mobile friendly. These are all things that should be a thing of the past but unfortunately are still all too common in today’s modern marketing.

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