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Increasing Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Facebook MarketingIf used correctly, Facebook is an amazing tool to increase the amount of people you can promote your business to. Over the years, concerns have circulated regarding the reduction in Facebook’s organic reach and it now being a “Pay to Play” platform. This is and isn’t true.

Facebook ads work, however, you can still reach people without having to pay and many businesses are proving this point. If the budget permits, the best strategy for many businesses is doing a combination of paid ads and organic posts. However, if this isn’t possible you can still increase your organic reach.

Facebook tips you should know:

  • Where are you Posting?
  • When are you Posting?
  • Why are you Posting?
  • What are you Posting?
  • How are you Posting?
  • Can You Sell On Facebook?
  • Sharing Posts to Groups
  • How to Use Video’s
  • Interacting With Your Audience

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Where Are You Posting?

Even though your personal profile may have more followers, ensure you are posting on your business page. This will increase your page frequency, giving you an opportunity to increase your insights. These insights are priceless, allowing you to identify who is looking at your post, when they are looking and what they like. Content posted on your business page can be shared on your personal profile, however don’t do it the opposite way. Posting on your business page keeps all your content together meaning when people go to your wall, they can scroll and gain an insight into your business.

When Are You Posting?

The insights on your business Facebook page allow you to see when people are viewing your posts. Most people only see what you post via their newsfeed, so it’s imperative to post when the most amount of people will be looking. You may find certain days are more popular than others and people tend to check Facebook early morning and late evenings.

Why Are You Posting?Why are you Posting?

When answering these questions, keep in mind you must add value to your customers. Your answers will impact what you post.

  • Before posting content, you need to ask yourself why?
  • Ask yourself questions such as why is your business on Facebook?
  • What are you trying to achieve from your page?
  • Do you want to inform customers? Are you giving information?
  • Are you aiming for brand awareness?
  • Are you looking to entertain?

What Are You Posting?

When composing a draft, remember, it’s not a sales pitch.

Highlighting who you are and what you do is OK, if it adds value to your customers. This in turn, gives them a reason to look at your content.

Recording a video is a popular way to answer FAQ’s. Pick one question per week and explain in detail how your product or service can resolve that question.  Content should vary and real photos and videos are best. Other ideas of what to post include inspirational quotes, funny images, events, trends etc.

How Are You Posting?

Did you know?

You can schedule Facebook posts to post on a certain day and time. This ensures your post will display in your customers newsfeed, at a time when the most of them are scrolling Facebook. While the feature isn’t 100% reliable, it works the majority of the time and is a time saver.

Real time posting is important

Other third party posting apps with similar features include Buffer, Hootsuite and CoSchedule. Some of these apps options are free and others have a cost attached. While Facebook won’t give considerable reach to posts create by 3rd party apps, some content is better than none. (although the jury is out whether Facebook is reducing the reach on 3rd party apps. Many people are getting great results using them).

Real time posts such as Facebook live video’s, real photo’s or information posts should be, where they can,  posted directly into Facebook at the correct time.

Can You Sell On Facebook?

After adding value, you can then use Facebook to sell. People can only purchase what they know you sell. When choosing the wording to use, think of how you sell to people in person or over the phone and replicate this. Pushy tactics of directly saying “Buy my product and buy it now!” are not appropriate.

Sharing Posts to Groups

The content you post on your business page can also be shared to groups. Posting in groups is the ideal way to increase your exposure and have your content reach people not yet familiar with your business. Think of what groups would be popular with your ideal and potential customers. Use clear, bright and high quality images.

Before posting in a group, be sure to familiarise yourself with the group rules. Some allow posts any day of the week while others limit business posts to a certain day. Groups may also have a promotional day where you can post a tip, special offer or valuable information relating to your business.

People who like or comment on a post you have shared to a group should be invited to like your business page. Commenting on Ask It or Meet Up pages is also encouraged, remembering to add value. 

How to Use Video’s

It’s important to include videos in your content

It’s important to include videos in your content.  A slideshow of photo’s or real video are great ideas and as daunting as a live video may be, they receive up to 3 times more reach. Post videos of people interacting with your brand and let your personality shine through. Give an insight into your staff and encourage them to like and share your posts.

When posting videos, be mindful people usually view videos with the sound off. Use captions to highlight the main points and after completing a live video, go back and add captions too. Periodic use of appropriate comedy is a great way to give people a reason to smile and laugh too.

Interacting With Your Audience

A great way to interact with your audience is by asking them questions. What do they want to know?

To maximise your Facebook reach for your business remember be consistent, be real, use video’s, ask for interaction, share in groups and most importantly, add value.

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