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Instagram for Business and Why it’s Important in Today’s World

Instagram LogoInstagram is becoming more and more centred towards helping businesses sell their products. Did you know Instagram now has additions specifically for selling products and even has a ‘shop’ tab? If you are not using Instagram for your business already, or if you are and spend little time and effort on it, you may want to consider vamping up your businesses Instagram.

Read below to learn 3 important Instagram statistic that highlight its impact and importance in today’s social media influenced world including:

  • 90% of Instagram users follow a business
  • Each month, 130 million people click on Instagram shopping posts
  • 50% of Instagram users have visited a website to make a purchase after viewing Instagram stories.

90% of Instagram Users Follow a Business

Did you know there are now over 1 billion people using Instagram? To think that 90% of these users follow a business shows its huge potential. These stats are exciting as what they indicate is if your businesses Instagram account is being managed correctly, your business and brand have a high chance of being noticed by your target audience. Remember followers only come and stay though if your account catches their eye and you must post consistently, stick to relevant content and interact with your audience.

Each Month, 130 Million People Click on Instagram Shopping Posts

Instagram has been giving business owners ‘shiny new things’ to play with recently including e-commerce and shopping features, both of which are ideal for many businesses. These features create new opportunities for businesses with an active Instagram account. While it’s great to have people following your business Instagram page, you also want them buying, which is ultimately your end goal. Instagram even has a ‘shop’ with a shareable digital catalogue for you to show potential buyers and their own checkout system. Customers like the process of buying a product to be simple and easy and what’s easier than buying right there and then?

Instagram applicationDespite the Instagram storefront, your website is still important. It creates an important impression on the potential customer as to whether you are a ‘serious’ business or not. A website goes a long way, and you want to keep your audience interested with a decent website they can still purchase from.

50% of Instagram Users Have Visited a Website to Make a Purchase After Viewing Instagram Stories

Standard Instagram posts are normal for a business, but are you using Instagram stories? An image that only lasts 24 hours may not seem as important as posting to your feed, however story posts are a great way to get noticed with many Instagram users opting to watch stories rather than scrolling through posts. Additionally, brand stories have an 86% completion rate, meaning people are definitely looking.

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