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We Have Chooks

chickenThe backyard was always buzzing with the sounds of chooks scratching, clucking, and exploring their world. For years, these feathered companions were as much a part of the family as anyone else. No one ever thought of them as just chooks, they were our pets and taught the children so many things.

From the earliest days, the children took on the responsibility of looking after the chooks. It wasn’t just that they needed to ensure their pen was clean, that their food and water bowls were full. It was a daily exercise in empathy, diligence, and unconditional love.

Each chook boasted a distinct personality, demanding different levels of care and attention. Whether it was dealing with an under-the-weather chook or rejoicing over a particularly large egg, these experiences nurtured a sense of responsibility and compassion.

As the years passed, the chooks aged just like everyone else. Their feathers lost some of their lustre, their steps became less sprightly, but their presence remained as comforting as ever. The aging process served as a gentle reminder of life’s fleeting nature, instilling a sense of urgency to love and live fully.

Eventually, the original flock dwindled, claimed by age or illness. Each loss was deeply felt but also served as a poignant lesson on the shortness of life, the inevitability of loss, and the value of cherishing each moment.

The children also grew and moved out.

Refreshing Your Marketing Strategy

Chicken in a cage pecking foodAfter a 2-year break, the pen that had remained empty was now home to 4 new chooks, revitalising the yard. The cycle restarts, this time with fresh faces but guided by the same ageless lessons. These chooks, like their predecessors, are more than mere pets. Now the adult children will come back to view, love and cherish them. The chooks are family members, teachers, and a constant reminder of the depth and beauty found in everyday responsibilities.

In the realm of business marketing, there’s a parallel to be drawn from this tale of chooks and family life. Just like caring for chooks was a daily ritual that evolved over time, so too are our marketing efforts. We often get comfortable with what we’re doing, sticking to the tried and true, because it’s familiar and safe. But sometimes, that can lead to stagnation. Our message may become outdated, or we lose touch with the evolving needs and habits of our audience.

Taking a step back, much like the 2-year hiatus from having chooks, can offer a refreshing perspective. When we decide to re-engage, whether it’s with updated strategies, new platforms, or innovative campaigns, it’s akin to welcoming a new flock into the pen. The fundamentals of what makes marketing effective remain, but the fresh approach revitalises our enthusiasm and can lead to unexpected and delightful results. Starting anew can breathe life back into marketing strategies, making them more vibrant and resonant, just as a new flock did for the backyard. It’s a cycle, but one where each turn can bring about new opportunities and insights.

The Important Role of a Marketing Coach

two businessminded people talkingAdding a marketing coach into the mix can serve as the catalyst for this revitalisation, like introducing new chooks rejuvenated the yard and brought another reason for the family to visit. A coach provides an external perspective, allowing you to view your marketing efforts through fresh eyes.

They can identify what’s been overlooked or forgotten and turn those elements into something new and amazing. Sometimes, we’re too close to our own business to see the opportunities for growth or improvement. Just as the children learned life lessons from caring for chooks, so too can a business learn from the guidance and fresh perspective of a seasoned marketing coach. They can help reframe challenges as opportunities, breathe new life into stale campaigns, and guide you in nurturing a marketing strategy that truly resonates with your target audience.

If you’re interested in what marketing coaching looks like, contact Cathy today and get a marketing refreshment strategy for your business.