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What Are You Not Measuring in Your Business?

woman drinking a glass of waterLast year I was getting a lot of headaches. You might be dehydrated I was told. I was consistently drinking 2L of water a day so it shouldn’t be dehydration, I thought.

Around the same time, I was involved in a challenge and needed to come up with 5 stretch things that I could commit to. 3L’s of water was suggested, yes a stretch but doable, so I said yes.

In the beginning, it was hard and I had to go pee all the time. After a while, my body got used to it and things settled down. I found the easiest way to measure how much water I was drinking was to start each day by filling 3 x 1L drink bottles and putting them on my desk or in the car if I was travelling. It was visual and really easy to see at a glance how I was doing at any time of the day.

After the challenge, I kept up the water for a while. Then I stopped measuring it. Stopped filling up the drink bottles and slowly, slowly, I stopped drinking the 3 L’s. It is alright I will do it tomorrow I told myself. Guess what if I didn’t measure it, I didn’t do it.

How Do I Elevate My Business Marketing Plan?

What are you not measuring in your business?
How is your marketing performing? Do you even know?

Visitors to your website, jump off pages, bounce rate, and engagement on your socials are often the first sign of trends and can tell a lot about how your customers and audience are behaving.

Marketing strategyI was recently on a webinar conference where one of the speakers was a Facebook ads expert. It was question time, and they were asked if they should go hard at the beginning of a new Facebook campaign or start slowly and ramp up their spending as they get results. Go slowly was the answer.
When questioned they said,

“Go slowly until you get all the components right and know it is working. I once had a client that spent a whole heap of money in the first month only to find out the link to the free giveaway was broken.”

Can you imagine spending all that money on Facebook ads and it all being wasted?
Didn’t someone think to test and measure the process?
A little testing would have gone a long way.

What are you not measuring in your business?
Is the money you are spending on your marketing bringing you in qualified leads or are you feeding a money pit!

Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises Ensures Your Marketing Dollar Gets Results to Grow Your Business.

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