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What is Holding My Business Back?

What is Holding My Business Back?

One more course, one more day, one more… fill in the blank? What is stopping you and your business from truly shining? When will you push record, publish, pick up the phone and call?

Perfectionism is often the reason for businesses being held back. Glen Carlson from Dent Global said their first book had 100 spelling errors in it. At the time, they were making $1.3 million of sales to their courses off the back of that faulty book. Imagine what would have happened if they waited until it was perfect before they published. Yes, I bet they finished the errors for the next print run.

Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School says aim to produce B minus work. B minus work can change people’s lives. Work that you don’t produce at all does nothing in the world. Walk out into the world and watch your hairy caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly or a funny looking moth. Either way, you will be helping the world in your own special way.

Read on to learn tips to make sure perfectionism instead holding your business back including:

  • Just Do It
  • Start Somewhere
  • What is Perfect?

Just Do It

Just get it out there. Often, you don’t know how to fix it, change it or modify it until your audience, customers, students have seen your work. You would not want to spend years building a course only to find there was no audience for it or you had too much jargon and your sales material went right over the heads of the people you are trying to attract.

That is why beta testing has become so popular. Get your content out into the world, get feedback, tweak it and put it out there again.

Start Somewhere

When a baby is learning to walk and fall, wobble, topple over, do we see that as failure? No. It’s just the steps needed to take to move forward and learn to walk. We celebrate the baby’s successes and proudly tell anyone who will listen about their first steps.

Why is it when we become adults, we forget all of this and want to be perfect the first time around when we have no experience and have not tried this new thing before? Why is it that we aim for perfection or we won’t do it at all?

What is Perfect?

Who deems something is perfect? Is it you, your customers, strangers, the whole town or state? Even if to you something was perfect, someone else could find a flaw. Don’t wait any longer, get your work out there and learn as you go.

Listen to Small Business Talk Podcast Episode 056 for more on this subject.

What is Holding My Business Back?

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