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What is the Best Marketing Strategy?

lady crosses her fingersStories are often we remember things and they are a good way to help make a point so today I’d like to share an old story with you today, about a father and his daughters.

Paul had 3 daughters, Sarah who was married to a gardener, Pru who was married to a brick-maker, and Rachel who was married to a snow-shoveler.

One day he happened upon a miracle and would be able to great an amazing wish!
Immediately, he thought of his daughters.

Paul went to visit Sarah.
“If you could have one wish Sarah, what would it be?” he asked.
“My life has been wonderful, and I have only one wish – that there may be a heavy fall of rain so that the plants may be well watered, and my husband can prosper.”

Paul wrote the wish down so he would not forget, delighted that he could make his daughter happy.
Not long after, he went to see Pru, and asked her how she was and what her wish would be. Over a cup of tea she replied, “I want for nothing and have only one wish: that the dry weather may continue, the sunshine hot and bright, so that the bricks will be dried out well and my husband can prosper.”

Paul wrote the wish down so he would not forget.

The next day he visited Rachel, who gave him a big hug and asked her the same question.
Rachel said, “It’s been so nice living here, but my husband has been out of work for so many months and I do wish that it would begin snowing again so we can prosper.”

Paul wrote down the wish and then saw the other 2 wishes that he had already written, realising that he could not make one wish come true without the others failing. Should he ask for snow so that 2 of his daughters would prosper but that would penalise the other one? What to do?

Are You Using Marketing That is Tailored to Your Business – Not Just a One Size Fits All Approach?

marketing planWhen marketing their business, a lot of business owners will try to solve everyone’s problem – grant every wish!
But it doesn’t work.

How would you solve Paul’s problem?

Sometimes the best business marketing is to think outside the box and look at the problem from a different angle completely.

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