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What is the Right Social Media Marketing For You?

penguin walking slowlyPenguins can’t fly.
George the penguin wanted to learn to fly. He’d seen all the other birds do it – so why couldn’t he?

When a sparrow nearby started a ‘flying school’ for their chicks, George asked to join. The sparrow was amused by the thought of a penguin flying and laughed at him but allowed George to come along all the same.

George was delighted!
But as he tried to follow the sparrow’s methods, he failed. Soon, he was at the bottom of the class and was failing miserably.

Everyone else could take off, but George was stuck on the ground.

“Maybe you should just give up,” the sparrow says, and George simply shook his head. He was still determined to fly just like everyone else, despite the lack of results so far.

Then he had an idea!

The next day George showed up to the class with something new – a contraption on his wings, made of wood and fabric. He heard the sparrow and the chicks begin to laugh at him, but he started up the machine and launched himself anyway – and finally began to fly at last!

Are You Choosing the Correct Social Media Platform for Your Business?

social media platform and its logoMarketing doesn’t work!
I hear this a lot from people before I work with them.

There can be a lot of reasons that your marketing strategy isn’t getting results.

You might be posting in the wrong place, and you need to take a step back and look at whether your ideal customers really are there.

If – like George – you are just doing what is ‘popular,’ this might not work for you.

Instagram is popular – but if you can’t take pictures of your business, is it right for you?
Facebook is popular – but where on Facebook are you sharing your content?
TikTok is popular – but if you don’t have videos . . .
Your paid ads don’t work and on and on.

Not all forms of marketing are right for your business or your audience.

Want a social media strategy that works for you and your business?

Contact Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises to Plan a Social Media Strategy That Fits Your Business.

The secret to marketing your business online is quality, consistent, original content. Cathy Smith helps service-based businesses who want a positive ROI (return on investment) on their marketing spend. If social media is causing you nothing but headaches and is a massive time-waster then you need help!

Want to get more value out of your social media posting? Contact Cathy and have a chat.