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What Makes Your Business The Perfect Fit?

Photo of an elephantJune the elephant wanted to make some new friends.
She went on a walk into the jungle, where she had not been before. There were all sorts of exciting new animals around her! She was delighted to see how lively it was. Surely some of them must be looking for new friends to play with.

“Hello my name is June,” she said to the monkey in the trees.
“Can I be your friend?”

“I’m sorry, June,” the monkey said.
“You are too big to climb the trees to hang out with me, so we can’t be friends.”

Disappointed, June moved on further into the forest until she spotted a pair of ears sticking out of the bushes.

“Hello my name is June,” she said to the rabbit.
Can I be your friend?”

“I’m sorry,” the rabbit said. “You are too big to fit in my burrows, so we cannot be friends.”

By now June was losing heart. She continued further into the forest anyway, looking around until she stopped by a small pond. On top of a lilypad sat a bright green frog.

“Hello my name is June,” she said to the frog.
“Can I be your friend?”

“I’m sorry,” the frog said, the words getting all too familiar to June now. “You are too big – you will squash all the lilypads.”

June gave up!
She began walking through the trees to go home, dejected, when all of the animals she’d tried to befriend ran past her, screaming in fear.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“The tiger is coming!” one yelled. “Run, June! He is going to eat us all!”

But June stayed put, and when the tiger appeared she blocked his path.

“You cannot eat my friends,” she told him, and when he tried to get around her, she simply stood in his way.
The tiger could not get past June!
Eventually, he gave up and June sat down to rest, keeping watch just in case he decided to return. As she did, the smaller animals began to crowd around her excitedly. “It turns out that you are exactly the right size for us to be friends,” they said to her, and June was happy.

Do Your Customers Know You Can Solve Their Problems?

Are you presenting yourself as the elephant to your customer’s frogs, rabbits and monkeys?

If you can help them, show your unique point of difference that solves their problem

What makes you the perfect fit?

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