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What Makes Your Marketing Strategy Successful?

pile of booksIsabella was enrolled in university to get a degree in biomedical science but instead of studying, she spent every night out partying with her friends.

One night, she got all dressed up and ready to go, only to find that her roommate Stephanie was not dressed and was sitting in a pile of books instead, reading!

“Let’s go out to that new bar,” she said to Stephanie.

“What?” Stephanie exclaimed.
“Don’t you realise we have our final exam in 2 days?
No, I have to study. Isabella, you should too!”

“Oh well,” she said. “You will miss out on all the fun. And I can study tomorrow. I still have one more day.”

Isabella went out and had a great time, the new bar was really something.

The next day.
She sat down with her books. Being a bit hungover, she had some special items to keep her awake:

  • 1 large can of energy drink
  • 1 espresso coffee
  • 1 bottle of Coke
  • And a big bar of chocolate

She started to study but not much was going in.
After she had ate and drank all her snacks, she realised that she had ingested TOO much caffeine. Isabella felt sick and hyped-up, so much that she could not concentrate on her studies at all even though she was awake.

While her roommate Stephanie who had been studying a little bit every day got perfect marks, Isabella failed terribly.

Are You Leaving Your Marketing to the Last Second?

social media icons coming from cellphoneSocial media and your digital marketing strategy require consistency to be successful.

I’ve talked to many business owners who think they are doing well and do ZERO marketing because of it. Then panic when things slow down. Now they don’t have an audience and try to make it all appear at once – which doesn’t work. These businesses did not put in the work to build a steady connection with their audience and loyal following. Google doesn’t like this hit or miss approach either.

Caffeine and ‘hit and miss’ marketing don’t grow your business.
Quality, consistent content does.

Ensure Your Business Has a Steady Flow of Content to Market to Your Ideal Audience with Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises.

The secret to marketing your business online successfully is quality, consistent, original content.

Cathy Smith helps service-based businesses who want a positive ROI (return on investment) on their marketing spend. If social media, website design and trying to communicate with your ideal audience is causing you nothing but headaches and is a massive time-waster then you need help! Get in touch and let’s chat about how your marketing strategy can be elevated.