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What should I Post on Facebook?

The Importance of Facebook PostingA common question I get asked is what should I post on Facebook?

The answer like most things in the digital world is it depends.

The better questions to ask are:

  • How can I give value to my audience?
  • What problem is my audience having and how can I solve it for them?
  • What is my audience interested in?

Start by thinking about who your audience is and how they would like to be communicated too.

Ever wondered by cold calling rarely works these days?

The telephone is not our preferred method of communication, it’s little more than interruption, so no matter how good your content is most of your audience has turned off before the first ring.

That is why people are consistently saying the money is in the list. However, this is true only if your audience has opted in willingly and is actually ready to view your content and not doing a hundred other things at the same time. Then your content has to be really good so that the people will read it.

So what has all this got to do with what you should post on Facebook:

  • Make it relevant
  • Make it interestingKnow what to Facebook on Facebook
  • make it stand out from the crowd
  • make it on brand.

What You Post on Facebook will depend on your goal.

What are you trying to achieve?

  • Is it brand awareness?
  • Is it education?
  • Is it entertainment?
  • Is it to shorten the buying cycle?

All of these things will need a different style of content. However, video is a really easy way to bridge most gaps, entertain and bring your brand to life in the quickest possible time. People tend to engage more with video and if people engage Facebook will show your content to even more people.

What should I post on Facebook?

Posting video on Facebook is importantVideo, native video.

A native video is when you upload the video straight to Facebook and not share or embed a link from somewhere else like YouTube or Vimeo.

Video is quick, personal yet professional and can be both pictures and words in one. In this quick / instant world we live in, video can be your difference.

Need help with video ideas that don’t include you having to go on camera?
Of course, going on camera in a video is the most powerful form of video and also the most difficult for most people.

Contact Cathy at CATCO Enterprises and let’s have a chat about your marketing and video needs, you will be surprised how cost effective video marketing can be.