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What’s the Best Marketing Strategy for You?

lots of lolliesAudrey loved cherry-flavoured sweets and so did her brother, Mike.

They constantly fought over who deserved the most cherry sweets in the bag of lollies. Neither of them liked the apple flavoured ones and while Audrey was happy to share with her brother, Mike did not like to share at all.

“I want to play a game,” Mike said one day when they were coming home from the shops with their bag of sweets.

Audrey said okay, and Mike tipped the bag out onto the ground, spilling sweets everywhere.

Then he quickly picked up two lollies and put them back in the bag.

“I’ve put two lollies in here,” Mike said. “One is green apple, and one is red cherry.

All you have to do is reach in and grab one.

If you pick up the green apple, you have to eat all of them and I get the red cherry.

If you get the red cherry, you can eat all of those and I will get only green apples instead.”

Audrey paused, because she knew Mike was cheating. She had seen him put two green apple sweets in the bag instead of making one red cherry. But Mike had a bad temper and Audrey didn’t like fighting, so she desperately tried to think of a way to get out of eating the yucky green apple lollies.

She had three choices;

She could refuse to play the game now, making Mike angry.
She could take both lollies out the bag and expose Mike, making him angry.
Or she could take the green apple sweet and be subjected to yucky lollies for the rest of the day!

“I’m going to pull one out now,” she said to Mike, as his grin got wider.

Audrey pulled one of the sweets out of the bag and then- whoops!

She dropped it into the pile of sweets that Mike had left on the ground.

“Oh no,” she said. “Quick – look inside the bag and see which lolly is left, and then we’ll know that the other one is the one that I picked up.”

What a clever thinker!

Are Popular Marketing Strategies Not Working for Your Small Business?

marketing strategyNo matter how bad your situation might see at first glance, there is always a solution out there that can lead you to victory. You might not know what it is right now, but it is there. There are a million options to lead to your ideal outcome.

Think out of the box instead of inside it.

Need help getting your business out of the box where no one can see it?

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Cathy Smith is on a mission to make sure that small businesses spend their marketing dollar on strategies that make money instead of wasting it. Cathy’s passion and knowledge for digital marketing has helped thousands of businesses reach their dream customers easily online.

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