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Who Does Your Business Help?

photo of a wooden boatA very clever professor named Dr Peterson was travelling by boat to a small island community, where he was going to deliver a seminar about all the things he had learnt on his highly specific studies.

Accompanying him was a sailor who operated the boat for him. A man in simple clothes that was completely at odds with Dr Peterson’s fancy fur coat and heeled boots.

Dr Peterson watched the sailor work in silence for a time and contemplated.

When they were halfway across the sea to their destination he asked, “Sailor, what is your name?”

“Greg,” the sailor said.

“Greg, do you know astronomy?”

“No sir,” Greg answered.

“How about geography?”

“No sir.”

Dr Peterson thought for a moment.

“Do you know Ecology? Biology? Philosophy or chemistry or botany?”

“I know none of those, sir,” Greg says.

“However do you survive with so little knowledge?!” Dr Peterson said, laughing at the sailor. He couldn’t fathom not knowing all that he did, and he began to berate Greg for not knowing simple sciences or studies.

And then he noticed the water lapping at his feet.

“Dr Peterson,” Greg said, very calmly.

“Do you know how to fix a sinking boat?”

“Do you know how to swim through shark-infested waters or how to get yourself to shore safely when your boat capsizes?”

Do You Know the Value of Your Marketing Strategy?

marketing your small businessOften the work we do is undervalued by people who do not understand why a particular niche is important.

Who does your business help?

What skills are missing within it that could assist your growth?

Plenty of people think that marketing is a waste of money. They don’t understand the value. Instead of investing in something that boosts your sales – they decide to throw it away. Then they have nothing to help them when the water begins to get inside the boat of their business.

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