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Are You Anticipating Your Customer Needs?

hands catching mushrooms from a basketHe bought me mushrooms.

As a young couple, he used to buy me flowers. Yes, they were lovely but we had little extra money, so I asked him not to. My love language is not gifts. Yes, gifts are thoughtful and given with love however I often find they miss the intended mark.

To this day, when the occasion calls for flowers, I generally give a flowering plant. If it dies, the recipient has had “the flowers”, and all is good. If it lives then the sentiment goes on. Last year a client sent me a picture of a very healthy rose bush that I had given her as “a potted red rose,” the Christmas before.

What is Your Love Language?

My love language is acts of service, a cup of tea before I even get out of bed, and the day is going to be a good one.

Last week I was away, and my husband went to the veggie market and did the shop. He bought me mushrooms. This may not seem like a big thing, and you may not even like mushrooms. For me, it was such an act of service. My husband doesn’t like mushrooms, they were not on the list, and he thought of me and bought them for me.

Knowing Your Customer’s Need is The Best Form of Marketing

Close-up of female hands holding a presentAre you anticipating what your customer’s need? Do you know them well enough to know if they like gifts, extra things or prefer recognition?

Word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing that you can get. What are you doing to impress your customers and get them talking about you in a positive way?

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