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Why Business Branding is Important

a glass of lime cordialA young girl named Lucy was on a lakeside holiday with her grandfather when she asked him for some lime cordial.

“Of course,” her grandfather said, handing over a capful of the cordial for her.
“Now go down to the lake and pour it in there,” Lucy’s grandfather said.

Lucy thought this was a bit strange, but grandfather was a generous man.
Maybe instead of one glass of cordial, she would end up with a whole lake of delicious lime-flavoured drink. So off Lucy went.

She poured her cap full of lime cordial concentrate into the lake then scooped up a big cup full.


When Lucy drank a mouthful of the drink, she immediately spat it out. It tasted like swamp water straight from the lake.

Her grandfather shook his head with amusement and let out a huge big belly laugh.
“It tastes so bad!” she said.

“Why don’t you try putting it in a cup with only a little bit of water this time,” her grandfather said, pouring some more for her.
When she tried it in a small cup, it tasted delicious!

“Could you taste the cordial in the lake?” her grandfather asked, and Lucy shook her head.

“Life is the same.
To get things right, you need a little more concentration on the task at hand,
instead of trying to get the whole lake with only a capful of cordial.”

Does Your Business Have a Strong, Memorable Brand to Market?

Branding text written in a white sheetAre you putting your marketing cordial in a lake or a glass?

One of my favourite sayings is, “Talking to everyone is talking to no one.”

Knowing who your ideal customer is can make a huge difference to your marketing. Has your marketing efforts become so wishy-washy that your potential audience is not even sure what flavour of cordial you are offering?

Strong messaging and speaking your customer’s language is not nice to have,
it is essential in this busy and noisy world we all live in.

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