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Focusing on Your Marketing Strengths

beautiful peacockPerry was the proudest peacock in town!

Everywhere he went, people would stare at his beautiful feathers and gorgeous colours. He was the envy of everyone, and he spent all his waking hours making sure he looked perfect every single day. Perry was not a nice peacock, but it hardly mattered when he was so lovely to look at.

One day Perry came across Albus, a crane who had just moved in.

The people of the town quite liked Albus, and Perry took one look at his mottled brown and white feathers and burst out laughing!

“What an ugly bird you are,” he said. “I feel so sorry for you, with such a dull plumage. What a drag!”

Then Perry strutted away!

Summer ended, and all of Perry’s tail feathers started shedding! Suddenly he was no longer being admired as he walked down the street, and his confidence began to wane until he saw Albus – who was still brown, still not nearly as beautiful as him.

“What use are you?” Perry asked. “Is it not the point of a bird, to be beautiful?”

“I thought the point of a bird was to fly,” Albus said, and took off into the sky.

And Perry, who could not fly, was stuck on the ground, tail-less and sad!

How Do I Stand Out in Business?

Woman using digital tabletWe all have different strengths and weaknesses in our business.
You probably have a ‘niche.’
You might be a bird who can fly or a bird with beautiful tail feathers.

Either way, you are unique and very worthy to your ideal audience.
Are displaying your best strengths to your customers so they know who you are and what you can do for them.

Have you been sharing your strengths with your audience?

Adding that personal touch to your marketing can make the difference between people seeing you as a cold brand, who probably won’t care about their customers or an interesting person that they want to buy from.

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