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Why Hit & Miss Marketing is Not Enough

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When working on keeping your business thriving, you need to spend time on a decent marketing strategy.

All too often a business owner will buy into what we call ‘hit & miss marketing’; using a few spare hours of downtime to post something half-hearted on social media to try and gain some traffic, then give up. It is a common practice because business owners are busy people with not nearly enough hours in the day, but it does not help your business grow.

Here are the 7 worst mistakes you can make with your business’ marketing strategy:

  1. No Plan for Marketing
  2. Unreliable Marketing Strategies
  3. Spread Thin
  4. No Streamlined Client Pathway
  5. Too Little Touch Points
  6. No Contact Route
  7. No Marketing Whatsoever

No Plan for Marketing

If you are trying to market but have no clue what you’re doing it can harm your business. Spending money is unavoidable when marketing, but owners should focus on trying to get at least double the profits from each marketing venture – which is impossible if you have not planned it out.

Unreliable Marketing Strategies

Woman frustrated while looking at the laptopA business owner is an expert in service. Often, however, they need some extra help in marketing. If you’ve got a million things to do in a day then marketing strategies may fall to the wayside. However, these are imperative to growing your business. If you are employing the hit and miss marketing route it may be impossible for customers who have seen your ad once to find you again.

Spread Thin

If you are running multiple marketing ideas in different places, you can find yourself spread too thin. A little advertising in ten different places is going to make less of an impact than a lot of advertising in one place and that is no good for your business.

No Streamlined Client Pathway

If your customers do not know where to go, they cannot buy your products or service. If you are not directing them to the right places through your marketing strategy, you are not going to get that traffic for your business.

Too Little Touch Points

It takes around 20 touch points before a potential buyer will purchase the solution to their problem, theoretically. If you only market every now and then, your potential customers are not getting enough touch points for you to convince them to buy.

No Contact Route

Woman working inside an officeOne of the pitfalls of having no website is that there is no official place that is ‘yours’ for your clients to go to. An easy-to-navigate website can make customers stay with you much longer than they would otherwise. Clear directions can earn you interest and sales as well.

No Marketing Whatsoever

A business needs good marketing to survive – and no marketing at all is an effective way to kill it before it’s gotten off of the ground! If you’re not marketing, you’re not selling efficiently. Having a website means you can have a bigger piece of the pie, especially if previously you have had no pie at all.

Find Your New Website with Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises

Cathy Smith has been running the same marketing agency for over 20 years and has helped countless business owners make their marketing the best it can be. Businesses can reach their full potential with Cathy’s knowledge and passion for digital marketing.

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