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Why is Content Marketing Important for Your Brand?

The 30 Day Content Marketing EbookContent marketing is important for your brand because it is a powerful way to create brand awareness and allow customers to engage with you. Content marketing is a solid marketing strategy that has brought success to many brands and businesses from startup to much larger companies. When done correctly, content marketing creates an ongoing benefit that can be utilised for years to come.

Here are 5 Ways Content Marketing Can Help Your Brand Stand Out From the Crowd

1.  Gain Your Audience’s Trust
2. Build Your Brand Identity
3. Showcase your authority in your industry
4. Improve Engagement
5. Google Loves Content

1. You’ll Gain Your Audience’s Trust

There is so much noise on the internet it can be confusing for your audience to know who to trust.

We all like to deal with people we


However, how can you establish this trust when you have not come into contact with this potential customer before?

It can take a lot of work to gain people’s trust and content marketing is a great way to begin to establish this trust. By answering questions that your potential customer has in relation to your service (Using FAQ’s) and speaking their language the trust relationship will be created much quicker and often before they have even met you.

2. Build Your Brand Identity

Build Your Brand IdentityPeople will often buy products and service by brand recognition, this is why franchises work so well. Even though people may not have done business with a particular brand they will know what to expect ahead of time and that helps to reassure them. When people see that your brand has lots of content and can be found in many places online that will start to create brand awareness for you. Essentially you are letting the world know what your brand is all about and establishing an identity online. Solid brand recognition is a major factor in people’s buying decisions.

When in doubt your potential customer will default to the familiar which is why people often repeatedly use businesses even though they may not be very happy with their service or resulting product – they are familiar and so that makes it easy for them.

When people go looking for information on a product content marketing is an easy non-threatening way for people to research your company and the chances are people who can remember your brand will use you over your competitors when they recall your brand.

3. Showcase Your Authority In Your Industry

When you are looking for a solution to your problem you will generally look for an expert on the subject. Content marketing can successfully build your authority as an expert in your field and a trusted source for the solution to the problem.

The more content that you produce that is relevant to your business, the higher the likelihood that you will build trust with your audience. Content can help new audience members discover you for the first time and strengthen your reputation with your existing audience. By creating genuinely useful content you will have a great opportunity for your brand to be known as the solution to their problem and the place to go creating that know, like and trust that will be converted into sales.

4. Improve Engagement

Improve Your EngagementEngagement is the name of the game if no one reads or cares about your content you have probably missed the mark with your audience. When you create a successful content marketing campaign that speaks to your audience you will have an excellent engagement rate from your audience and this can then be converted into sales if your offer is what they need.

5. Google Loves Content

Although your primary objective should be your audience, not Google, the reality is if you don’t play the “Google Game” how will people find you. Google loves content, there are plenty of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits to content marketing. When you are consistently publishing valuable content, you will be able to rank for more keywords on search engines. Valuable content will bring traffic to your site when done correctly.

Traffic breeds traffic and the more traffic you get the more you will be able to establish your business and brand as a presence on the Internet and that will allow more to get to know about you.

Content marketing is a great way to bring in more people to your site because they will be interested in your solutions to their problem. These people will be highly engaged audience on your site, meaning they are less likely to bounce out right away after they land on your page. Another factor that Google counts when determining rankings and this will help boost your rankings on search pages.

Why is Content Marketing Important for Your Brand?

Content Marketing Important for Your BrandAs you can see content marketing important for your brand and as your brand starts sticking in people’s minds, then it will be easier to gain their trust. You’ll find that when you have captured people’s trust, getting them to follow your content and take action to purchase becomes much easier.

By successfully positioned yourself and your brand as authorities in your industry you will be able to create content that resonates with your audience and that will ultimately convert into sales.

Want To Learn More About Content Marketing For Your Brand?

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Article by Cathy Smith