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Why is my Facebook Ad Not Working?

Facebook Ads are a great way to educate potential and current customers about your products and services. Unfortunately, a lot of Facebook ads don’t deliver the results people are looking for because of these 3 main flaws:

  1. Too much text
  2. Wrong Audience
  3. Wrong Type of Post

Why is my Facebook Ad Not Working?

Facebook Ad Tip For You
Facebook Ads 20% – too much text for an ad

Let me explain these problems in more detail.
Did you know Facebook has a 20% text rule for all its ads?
What does that mean?
Only 20% of your ad can contain text so if you draw a grid over an image.
Only 5 squares in TOTAL can contain text, that includes the text in your logo.
See the example that I have shaded in red. 8 squares too many ( 4 full squares plus 8 1/2 square )

What happens if your ad contains too much text?

Too Much Text on Facebook Ad is wrong
20% Text Facebook Ads
  1. Facebook rejects your ad outright. This doesn’t happen so much these days. Often, Facebook will let our ad run for a small amount of time before rejecting it. This can sometimes, even be days.
  2. Facebook will allow your ad to run, however at a much higher price than normal.
  3. Facebook will allow your ad to run and only show it to a fraction of your audience.

As you can see, in all 3 of the above options, your ad won’t perform the function that you are requiring and you won’t get value for money. You need to adhere to the 20% text rule.

Wrong Audience

Targeting the wrong audience or even worse, not targeting at all is the next common problem people have.

If you are on your business page and you go to insights, then click on the Reach tab; you can see who your main audience is in general terms. Target this main group.
Eg. Women only 35 – 55

Then you can also target specific geographical locations, interest, etc.

A common problem that happens with targeting is people try to refine their targeting too much and the sample size for Facebook is too small. Don’t go too broad however, don’t make it a micro target either.

Wrong type of PostMake sure you are posting the right post

When doing an ad for Facebook, think about what you would like the viewer to do? A fluffy cat image will get a lot of attention , however, unless your business is animal related, specifically cat related, this is probably not the best approach for your business.

Do you have a clear call to action for your audience to take – click here, where are you sending them? Are you sending them to the home page of your website where there are multiple options and many choices for them to make?

Or are you sending them to a landing page with ONE specific objective?

Downloaded your free – How to Guide on ____ subject.

If you give your viewer too many options, then they won’t choose at all.
Facebook Ads are a really powerful marketing tool when done well.

When doing Facebook ads like any type of ads, you need to think about:






Before you make your ad, offer your service and put it out to the marketplace. The other thing you need to think about is where your viewer is, where they are currently at, on the buyers journey.

I was speaking with a customer last week about this exact issue.

IF this is the first time the person has come across your company and message they are probably unlikely to buy from you.  It is like going on a first date and expecting them to have sex with you. Chances are probably pretty low.

However, if they have seen you around, watched you from afar or been on a date with you before, your chances will significantly increase. It is the same with the buyer’s journey if the viewer has seen other posts, seen you in the real world, eg. Signage, flyers, other types of ads, plus they have the problem that you are providing the solution, your chances of converting them to buy are much higher.

  • Right Message
  • Right Time
  • Right Audience

Done right, Facebook Ads can spread your message to a new audience or remind your existing audience of your products.

Need help with a Facebook Ad strategy? Call Cathy at CATCO Enterprises on 0409 489 464.