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Why Updating My Website Content Is Good for Google Rankings

woman managing her shopAs a small business owner, you might wonder how often you should update your website.

Keeping your website’s content fresh is a great way of offering new reading material to your visitors. It also substantially boosts your Google rankings. You can answer new questions, that your customers and prospects have, update on new things coming out and remind your audience of common things that they may have forgotten.

Fresh Content Catches Google’s Eye

Imagine your website as a storefront. Just as you would regularly change the window display to attract passersby, updating your website content catches Google’s attention. Google favours websites that are active and current, and regular updates signal that your site is a valuable resource.

Stay Relevant and Interesting

Your audience is on the lookout for the latest and most relevant information, be it updates in your industry, new product launches, or insightful advice. Even repurposing industry standards or practices can be enlightening for your audience who may be unfamiliar with these details.

Keeping your website current ensures you resonate with your audience’s interests and needs. This ongoing relevance is looked upon favourably by Google, as it seeks to offer users the most helpful and current information. For instance, you might write a blog post about the origin of your products, a team member’s unique hobby, or your business’s milestone celebrations.

Keep Up with Keywords

Homepage concept with search barSearch trends can change rapidly. Regularly updating your content means you can incorporate new keywords that your potential customers are using. It’s like changing your shop signs to include the latest buzzwords that attract customers.

What are your customers searching for. Use the terms that customers use. Don’t use the terms that are used inside the industry, stay away from jargon.

Encourage Visitors to Stay Longer

When your website has a variety of interesting and up-to-date content, visitors are more likely to stick around and explore. Google notices when visitors spend more time on your site, and it interprets this as a sign that your site is providing valuable content.

Provide a variety of ways to access your content, like images, text, video, downloadable pdfs and even audios. Pdf’s can be a great way to give people answers to their FAQ’s or more indepth details of technical questions.

Get Indexed More Often

Think of Google as a frequent shopper. The more often you update your website, the more often Google stops by to see what’s new. Frequent indexing usually leads to better visibility in search results. Be careful, not to do this just for Google, remember to be customer focused.

Internal Linking

New content means more chances to link to other pages on your website. These internal links help Google understand the structure of your site and can boost the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), of individual pages.

Build Trust with Your Audience

customer experience conceptRegular updates not only help with Google rankings but also build trust with your visitors. They know they can rely on your website for the latest information, which can turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

Keeping Your Website Fresh Matters

Updating your website’s content is a bit like keeping your store tidy and your stock fresh – it attracts more customers and keeps them coming back. For Google, fresh content makes your website more valuable, which can lead to better rankings. So, keep your website up-to-date and watch your Google ranking improve.

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