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Working on the Little Things in Your Business

Savings and paying conceptA well-known lyric by Australian song writer Paul Kelly is ‘From little things, big things grow.’ It is so true. Doing little things for your business can make a big difference.

Little Things Make A Big Difference

Some business owners do well and some do not so well. Often it is not an indication of their skill but rather their focus on growing little habits to make big business.

Good habits can make such a change to your business.


Cashflow is an area that you cannot afford to neglect.

Don’t compromise your cash flow by forgetting to:

  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Check the fine print on cancellation periods.
  • Request payment upfront.
  • Let your customers have credit terms to give them longer to pay.
  • Follow up late payments.
  • Maybe even have a penalty system in place for late payments.

Good Money Habits

A finger adding up figures using a calculator isolated over a white background.Keeping good habits can even have benefits for others.

  • Save money
  • Time
  • Goodwill by paying bills early
  • You may even get a discount from pleased suppliers.

Being late can affect your credit rating and staying on top of your finances is an essential habit.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is another little thing to work on.

Submit early, arrive early, work early. It can make a big difference and that way you are sure you will not miss out on any new opportunities that may arise. Have you thought of arriving early to networking events to meet the organiser and help out?

The Little Things

Little things are also the tiny decisions you and your team make on a daily basis. A mindset is good, but a plan is better. Have yearly goals and then break them down into monthly goals – then weekly, then daily.

It’s the little things that make a difference.

Elite athletes do not wake up as perfect. They have to train and plan and so do you.

Have you thought about what you are doing with your business?

Remember, too busy is not an excuse.

Prioritise and make a change. What little habits do you need to focus on?

Marketing concept with young woman on blue backgroundNeed help with your marketing? Is that a little or big thing that you haven’t had time for? Remember in this ever changing world where you customers have 100’s of different providers and chooses you need to stay top of mind. Remember it is the little things that you do that make the difference. Contact Cathy at CATCO Enterprises to work out a marketing strategy that will work for you.

Listen to Small Business Talk Episode #086 where Cathy discusses The Little Things in more detail.

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